Wiping your way to good housekeeping

To be a good housekeeper is one of the most attractive qualities of any man or woman. It means that he or she is taking extra special care over his or her domestic or work environment. It is not just a matter of using wiping rags to keep all interiors, and exteriors, spic and span; it is also a matter of keeping the immediate environments safe. This is particularly the case in the work environment. There must be no dust or debris about to impede work processes.

But keeping your environment clean takes on new meaning here. It goes beyond your domestic, kitchen, auto workshop, carpentry warehouse and factory floor. The environment is yonder.  And that environment is your green environment which, today, must be preserved at all costs. Alongside utilizing only sustainable wipes, every effort must now be made to use cleaning detergents free of harmful chemicals that are only going to be washed away down to scarce natural water resources, including the oceans.

And speaking of water, these resources must be used sparingly as well. With the most effective cleaning materials and non-hazardous detergents, this is always possible. Your sustainable cleaning wipes, or wiping rags, are all made from recycled materials. These are sourced from waste dumps. They are also sourced from old, used clothing (this too, goes towards producing new clothing items), commercial laundries, clothing factories with tons of off-cuts and even paper mills.

One such enterprise goes back nearly one hundred years. It carries the rather progressive acronym of SMART. This stands for Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles. To be a good housekeeper is exceptional and needs to be applauded, when pulled off. To contribute towards keeping the environment clean and safe is exemplary, even though it takes little or no effort to do so.